JASPER, Mo. — Reports of suspicious activity and a dirty sock led to a “meth related arrest” according to the Jasper Missouri Police Department. 

According to a release of information on Wednesday, July 21, at 6:45 p.m. an officer made contact with a male standing next to a green Pontiac Grand Prix, near 3rd and Mercer St.  

The male, Anthony Fischer, was later found out to be staying at a residence in Jasper.  

As per police protocol the officer asked Fischer to empty his pockets, making sure no weapons were present.  

Fischer pulled a white sock that had visible signs of already being worn (dirty sock) out of his left shorts pocket, showed the officer then quickly put the sock back in his pocket.  The officer though spotted something supicious in the sock as an outline of a tube with a bulb at the end was observed.  The tube with a bulb at the end is consistent with a ‘meth pipe’.” 

The narrative continues saying the officer requested to see the ‘dirty sock’. 

Upon search of the sock, a glass meth pipe with a white powder residue suspected to be meth was found in the sock.  A baggie with meth residue was located in another pocket.  Upon search of the vehicle, marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia was located.

Fischer was arrested and transported to the Jasper County Jail. 

Fischer told the officer several times that he found the sock and put it in his pocket and that he did not know what was in the sock.”

“Going on over 5 years now, the Jasper Police Department alongside the
citizens of Jasper have had a ZERO TOLERANCE for methamphetamine
rule. We do not foresee that rule going away anytime soon… So if you
are a user/seller/pusher/manufacturer of methamphetamine, please avoid
Thank you,

Chief Chadwick Karr
Jasper Missouri Police

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