JOPLIN, Mo. — If you want to experience nature and beat a little bit of this summer heat, a Joplin facility has you covered.

The Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center is hosting a free Summer Night event next Thursday night from 4 PM to 8 PM.

Individuals and families can learn more about the center. Nature-themed board games will be available inside along with some of the center’s caged animals, but officials also want people to be able to enjoy the nocturnal elements outside.

For instance, they’ll get to learn more about bats.

And that’s not all.

“Yeah so, all the nocturnal creatures, along with bats. You can think about anything that’s going to live outside at night. So, there are lots of different mammals we may see. A lot of people hear coyotes at night. We’ll have some furs and pelts for people to be able to see up close. There’s going to be lots of insects, of course, this time of year we get to hear lots of cool calls at night. So, any animals that are going to be active at night is what we’re going to be talking about during that Summer Nights event,” said Jessie Ballard, Shoal Creek Naturalist.

Registration for the program is not required but those interested can learn more about it here.