JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin Area Habitat For Humanity welcomes Marine veteran Tim Peay and his family into their new home.

In its history, the Joplin Area Habitat For Humanity has dedicated 179 homes, but this one is the first of its kind. This is an insulated concrete form home. All of the exterior walls were built with concrete and insulating concrete forms, making the house resistant to any kind of severe weather.

“The concrete industry nationally is partnered with Habitat International; to build 50 concrete homes in 50 states within the next five years. And we work with the folks in Joplin specifically because of the severe weather that’s impacted this community. I think a more robust, more sustainable approach to building houses that are safe for families in places like Joplin, Missouri needed to incorporate concrete into the structure,” said Gregg Lewis, Chief Communication Officer National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

“Having a home period for your family gives me a lot of security. Then knowing how the house was built, the entire house is concrete, the roof has been fortified to the house. So if something actually were to happen, weather-wise here, I’d probably lose some shingles. The house won’t go anywhere,” said Charles Timothy Peay, Marine Veteran, homeowner.

Insulated concrete form homes are also energy efficient allowing the Peay family to save money on a monthly basis by reducing their cost of heating and cooling.