JOPLIN, Mo. — If you’ve filled up at the gas station recently or watched the news, you are aware that fuel prices have increased dramatically and remain volatile.

This volatility in fuel prices not only impacts what you pay at the gas pump, it also impacts the costs of natural gas and electricity.

Liberty Utilities buys the natural gas that they deliver to their gas customers and that the company uses to fuel some of their electric power generation plants.

Because Liberty is a regulated utility, the company’s fuel costs are passed through to customers with no markup.

Liberty states that they do not profit on this part of the utility bill that their customers receive.

Gas prices which spiked last year, have receded some, but still remain high which is a trend that’s expected to continue into the winter months.

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Liberty Utilities lists several factors that currently contribute to the natural gas price increase occurring in the United States and across the globe:

  • The war in Ukraine has created a greater demand for domestically produced natural gas. This means natural gas exports to Europe and other countries have increased. This has strained supply in the U.S. putting upward pressure on prices.
  • The energy market, like many other markets, is affected by things like storms and extreme weather, supply chain issues, and general economic and social uncertainty.
  • Production issues and lower than normal natural gas storage levels have driven prices up. This began last year as warmer temperatures and extreme weather events increased demand for energy while the supply remained low or even declined.

Liberty says they expect that customers will see an increase in their utility bill due to the volatility in the fuel market this year.

To find where the fuel charge is listed on you utility bill, Liberty Utilities has that information listed HERE, as well as what customers can do to prepare for this increase.