JOPLIN, Mo. — Students at KCU Joplin put down their white coats and stethoscopes for a day to serve their community.

It was part of the school’s annual Community Service Day in Joplin.

A group of them made stops at two Joplin non-profits to volunteer their time, including the Ronald Mcdonald House and Lafayette House.

1st-year medical student Alexander Behnam says it’s part of KCU’s mission to give back to their community and maybe get to know some of their future patients.

“Not only be able to see our patients in clinic, but also see how well they do in their environment, their community, and if we’re able to help them out in any way. I think that’s pretty important about being human basically,” said Alexander Behnam, KCU 1st Year Medical School Student.

“So we have some traditional houses that we have here at Lafayette House, and so we had them clean those for us so that way they’re ready for the next client that’s able to move in, and then we also had them get ready for our playground,” said Chelsea Conley, Director of Development, Lafayette House.

Students at KCU’s Kansas City campus did the same thing in their immediate community.