JOPLIN, Mo. — Teachers at an area school have been seeing double the last few years.

Morgan and Alexis Clare are finishing up their fourth and final year of medical school at Kansas City University in Joplin.

The identical twin sisters were born in Korea before being adopted by a couple from the United States when they were only a month old. Since then, they’ve attended the same undergraduate and graduate schools before being accepted into medical school.

“Obviously with your twin sister, going through everything together, you always have a partner, you always have a teammate, you always have someone who’s going to go to bat for you no matter what,” said Morgan.

“Going through the same clinical rotation, she would be on a rotation and she would give me all the questions that the attending asked her. She’ll be like ‘here’s the answers,’ so when I go 1. I look like a rock star and same thing you know, like she said we’re always supporting each other we’re always each other’s biggest advocates,” added Alexis.

The sisters both plan on being surgeons and are going to the same hospital in Michigan for their five year surgical residency.