JOPLIN, Mo. — An area student takes time out of his busy class schedule to run in one of the most famous marathons in the world.

Daniel O’Kelly is a first year student at Kansas City University Medical School in Joplin and has returned recently from competing in the Boston Marathon. The California resident has only run one other marathon in his life but his time in that race was good enough for him to qualify for the race in Boston.

“I was just soaking it in, it was tough but it was just such a fun experience to be part of such a historic event,” said O’Kelly.

Two of his sisters live in Boston and O’Kelly says his entire family came in to cheer him on.

After the race, he swore he would never do that again, but felt much different the day after and wants to run in it again some day.

He says he ran at least a mile a day each morning at 5 A.M. in order to train for the race. If anything, he says running makes him a better student.