CARTHAGE, Mo. — The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office in Carthage introduce their new JASCO K-9 officer “Arner” to the public on Tuesday.

K9 Arner, is a Belgian Malinois, which looks similar to a German Shepherd. The K9 was purchased from proceeds donated by the Arvest Foundation.

K9 Arner is named after the late Sgt. Scott Arner who passed away in the line of duty January 4, 2002. Sgt. Arner was a 13-year veteran of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and was a K-9 Officer.

Arner is a dual purpose K9. He can search out narcotics and also search out a suspect on the run or track a lost person.

Jasper County Missouri Sheriff Office K9 Arner. INSET: namesake, the late Sgt Scott Arner who died working for dept in 2002.

“I worked with Sgt Arner my whole career until his passing in 2002. He was a great guy. Many of our Deputies remember him and worked with him. He was that type of guy you could always count on if you needed somebody to talk to, you could call Scott, you need advice, call Scott. Even if you didn’t want advice he would still give it to you [crowd laughs]. We also lovingly called him McGuyver because Scott carried tools on his belt and if you broke it he could fix it. I remember… he kept everything in this old crown vic. A car had gotten high centered and he pulled out a chainsaw from his trunk and cut a pine tree to use branches and get it out.”


18 years ago as part of the department dive team Sgt Arner tragically drowned while performing an investigation in an ice-covered lake. The small lake in Jasper County is spring-fed from a mine shaft. It is 30 to 40-feet deep in most spots, and has been used often as a location for criminals to abandon stolen cars. Tribute can be read here.

Deputy Major Walrod today to welcomed Sgt Arner’s widow Marinda by stating, “We remember Scott and we think of him often and I know he would be very happy to know that we are honoring him, especially with a Belgian Malinois because that’s pretty much all the dogs that he ever had that I remember.”

We talked with Marinda Arner afterwards asking what it meant that the Sheriff’s Office remembers Scott, “It’s been a lot of years since it happened and I’m glad they still think about Scott, and that they are remembering him in this way.”

“I kind of imagine Scott up in heaven watching down with a great big smile on his face because you know he would think this is was really good, he would be very happy about it. He would probably laugh about it and think it’s just perfect.”


Ray Tubaugh, Arvest Sr VP (far left) and other Arvest staff, present Jasper County Sheriff Randee Kaiser (center) check with funds for purchase of K9 Arner. Photo Shannon Becker for Joplin News First.

The Arvest Foundation is funded by shareholders of the bank. Recipients of grants are nominated by local branch managers.

“The purpose of the foundation is to support local organizations doing outstanding work to improve the quality of life in the communities served by Arvest Bank.”

Recipients are most usually one time grants. They must be non-profit 501(c)(3) and “public charity” with the IRS. Or a government organization.

Other area organizations that have received grants in the recent past include Moving Mountains of Newton County, covering costs for their Snack Pack Program at Westview School.

Also Freeman Health Systems in their COVID relief programs for individuals with case management.

Deputy Natahn Deherrera, Marinda Arner (Widow), Dee Arner (Mother), Connie Leek (Sister), INSET, the late Sgt Scott Arner. Photo by Shannon Becker for Joplin News First.