JOPLIN, Mo. — JPD is informing the public that the memorial for the fallen officers will be closed soon.

Until 5:00 PM Friday, residents wishing to pay respects to Cpl. Cooper as well as Officer Jake Reed can still do so by visiting the department. The memorial will be closed afterwards.

JOPLIN, Mo. — Residents now have a place to pay their respects to the three Joplin officers who were shot.

The police department placed one of its vehicles on the sidewalk, next to the station. It’s to give area residents an easily accessible, makeshift memorial — where items such as flowers, stuffed animals, cards and other items of special meaning can be placed.

It’s also being used as a location of prayer — not only for the fallen officer, but for the two who remain hospitalized.

“I think those flowers on that car right there are just symbols of, you know, everyone feeling this loss and everyone that has taken the time to walk up… I just saw someone praying by the car, you know, it’s just a small glimmer of what this community stands for, and the way they pull together.. and they will with this also, I believe,” said resident Stephanie Nicaise.

“I want the family to know that we’re behind them… we support them… and I’m so sorry for their loss,” said resident Barbara Pendleton.

** The police cruiser being used as a memorial does not belong to any of the officers involved in yesterday’s shooting.

The mayor announced Wednesday morning the lowering of flags to half staff. They will remain in this position of respect until Corporal Cooper has been laid to rest.

And city buildings aren’t the only ones showing this sign of respect, as a number of businesses and other sites have also lowered their flags.