JOPLIN, Mo. — Whether it’s this past summer and the #blacklivesmatter rally’s. Or this past fall and the #TrumpTrains, 7th and Rangeline is becoming the hot spot for sharing one’s opinions.

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7th & South Rangeline, Saturday, January 9, 2021.

JOPLIN NEWS FIRST INSTAGRAM: ONE OF JOPLIN’S BUSIEST INTERSECTION: PEOPLE GATHER SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT 7TH AND RANGELINE — JOPLIN, Mo. — We asked who was organizing the event and we were told people found out the old fashioned way since social media outlets are censoring posts. One female told us she was in Facebook jail so she heard on text from a friend. Another female told us that she was in Washington DC this week, she described it as, “amazing.” We asked if she went past Capitol barricades and she said no. An older gentleman said it today isn’t about a man, it’s about the Constitution. Temps were about 34°, but with the wind chill it felt 28°. @ksnf16 @action12news @shannbecker #jlnews1st #ksn16localnews #kode12actionnews