JOPLIN, Mo. — A home can reveal a lot about a family. The kinds of photos on the wall often tell a story about what is important in the lives of those who occupy the halls, while tile patterns and sofas can reveal the particular tastes of the homeowner. Certain accents give a more polished, modern vibe vs. others make a space feel comfier based on their warm hues and tones.

Whatever it is that suits your fancy, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking these homes in Joplin definitely boast luxury and expense.

Starting off strong is the Harry M. Cornell Estate listed for $3.1 million in northwest Joplin. Inside the six-bed, ten-bath 18,286 square feet estate are tall Corinthian pillars, high ceilings, and plenty of windows for an airy and bright atmosphere. Chandeliers and ornate furniture pull together a resemblance of the classical world past with a modern twist.

The grounds of the property are just as impressive. A small stream that flows through the botanical gardens and paved walkways are perfect for strolling through the gardens to admire the different sculptures scattered throughout. Not to mention the elegant resort-style pool. This home is the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor living. You can check out the multi-million dollar listing on Zillow’s website here.

Also located in northwest Joplin is the historical Roanoke neighborhood where this $2.4 million estate is. The front of the home seems traditional and quaint, while the back opens up to bring a timeless essence to modern luxury. A large horizontal waterwheel is nestled between the protruding structures of the home while a frameless glass deck overlooks a picturesque koi pond and limitless-style pool.

Inside the six-bedroom six-bath home is a home theater, wine cellar, and touches from local artists that transform contemporary tastes into lavish pleasures. Zillow’s website listing says “…the atmosphere that has been created beyond the gates is reminiscent of a world-class wilderness resort.” This statement is displayed throughout parts of the home that reveal large wooden rafters and rusted barn tin ceilings, stonework, and wood-panel walls and floors. It definitely resembles a high-class wilderness lodge. You can check out the other unique features of this timeless home here.

Coming in third at $1.75 million is a home suitable for the family that prefers a little extra. There is plenty of room for individual space while simultaneously offering spaces to be close and hang out with your loved ones. This property has two outdoor fireplace areas to get cozy, two living spaces, an indoor theatre to watch Netflix with the fam, a game area, four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a saltwater pool. Neutral-painted high ceilings, large windows, deep-stained wooden cabinets, entertainment centers, and bookcases all add to the cozy feel of “home.”

One master suite bathroom is a dream with an arched nook featuring a deep jetted bathtub and large window overlooking the property grounds. Speaking of, the property features an incredible overlook of the distant natural landscape that you can see for yourself here while checking out the other details that give this property that extra bit of luxurious umph.

These unique homes have a lot in common, but one thing is for sure— they’re every bit beautiful as they are high-value.