JOPLIN, Mo. — There are some significant changes in the way young people in need will get their breakfast and lunch from an area school system. The Joplin School District is turning back the clock when it comes to their summer meals program.

It’s the same way they used to serve the meals prior to the significant changes that went into effect the last two years due to covid.

“If they are not enrolled in a summer school, they’re eligible to walk into the building, consume the meal in the building, and then they’re able to then walk off but no drive through lines this year. No seven day breakfast lunch pickup,” said Rick Kenkel, Director of Food Service.

Kenkel says going back to the old way of doing things is a welcomed change because it requires fewer employees to staff. He says several staff members that had to work over the last two summers would have preferred not to work at all so they could spend the summer with their kids.

He also says the additional federal funding that paid for the drive-up service the last two years has been eliminated.

“The last couple of years we’ve had national waivers or USDA waivers to help combat covid, and still provide a free meal to the population in need, and those waivers have expired,” said Kenkel.

For more information on which Joplin Schools will offer the meals, click here.