JOPLIN, Mo. — In order to get into one of the service academies, high school students must distinguish themselves from millions of their peers. It takes good grades, leadership, and other accomplishments just to be considered, not to mention the support of federal lawmakers. But that’s caused a bit of a dilemma for one area student.

Every high school senior faces a major decision, namely, what to do with their life. Wyatt Satterlee knew one thing for sure, he wanted to serve his country. But he had a difficult choice to make, figuring out how.

“It’s difficult enough for a student to get accepted into one of the military academies, he made it into all of them,” said KSN’s Stuart Price, Reporting.

“The Navy appeal to me has given me the most amount of opportunities post academy,” said Wyatt Satterlee, Attending U.S. Naval Academy.

Satterlee plans on majoring in mechanical engineering and says Special Forces is not out of the question at this point as well.

“We’ll see what happens when happens when I get to the Academy and when I learn what the Special Forces are about and what I learn what it will be like being a surface warfare officer and various other things,” said Satterlee.

“Just one service academy is extremely difficult getting into through the requirements as well as the nomination process that you have to go through the Senators and Representatives so it’s very rare what Wyatt’s been able to accomplish so far,” said Richard Campbell, Retired Navy.

In addition to his academic success, he’s also on the J.H.S. Constitution and mock trial team as well as the investment team, and is captain of the swim and golf team to name a few.

“We’re very, very, proud, you know I think serving your country is is the ultimate goal of everybody and I just can’t be, Kim and I can’t be more proud that he’s chosen this path,” said Spencer Satterlee, Wyatt’s Dad.

“An absolutely incredible young man, I don’t think I’ve ever met a more respectful young man and a young man that is absolutely driven, he knows exactly what he wants,” added Dr. Stephen Gilbreth, Principal, Joplin High School.

June 30th is Induction Day for Satterlee and he’ll begin his 47 month long journey in Annapolis, Maryland.