JOPLIN, Mo. — Students at Joplin High School will also be taking part in a major competition soon. In this case, Speech and Debate.

Eight students are headed to Kentucky this weekend. It marks the second national tournament attended by the school’s team just this year.

Team members say they hope to bring home a national championship, but say they’ll remember the event for years to come regardless of how they place.

“This is gonna be a ton of fun. We’re going for about seven or so days, or almost a full week to another entire state, and being able to do something we all love and something we’ve been doing all year to prepare just for this moment,” said Yvette Shackles, J.H.S. Junior.

“I’m going to be competing with the World Schools Team up there which is going to be about 5 of the 8 of us that are going, so I’m mainly super excited to improve my teamwork skills with that and my ability to debate against other really good debaters,” said Elizabeth Burtrum, J.H.S. Junior

“Really interesting preparing for it. It’s been kind of stressful because I’m also competing with the World Schools Team and the topic changes every round, so you have to get a lot of stuff prepared. It’s been pretty stressful but I think it’s going to pay off,” said Asa Bodenhorn, J.H.S. Junior

The competition is in Louisville and runs from this Saturday to the following Saturday.