JOPLIN, Mo. — A local animal rescue is facing a big issue.

“Dumping animals is horrible. They’re dumped outside, we’ve found cats and dogs dumped outside,” said Mary Ann Schlau, Golden Paw Animal Rescue Owner.

That’s the biggest issue workers at Golden Paw Animal Rescue are seeing – and it happens on a daily basis.

“We’re packed full, and this will show you, every one of those runs. Plus our cat house and annex are all full,” she added.

Golden Paw Animal Rescue has been in operation for 24 years as a no-kill shelter.

“We treat our sick animals, we don’t put them down. We treat them, we do not put animals down unless it’s a dire situation. So any animal that comes into Golden Paw, stays here until it gets adopted,” said Schlau.

Golden Paw Rescue urges pet owners to make sure they are ready to take on a pet before adoption.

“When you take on a pet, know you can do it. Know you’re going to have a plan, that you can afford these animals that you take on. Not just give them away when things get tough.”