JOPLIN, Mo. — The district is renewing a professional development program for its full-time and part-time staff. The school board approved year two of the two year professional development program.

The district’s 1,200 employees will be able to take part in the program and get $2,000 for completing it.

“In year one we had a 97% participation rate with a majority of the individuals finding it very valuable for their professional growth. This opportunity allows us to have a second wave of professional development for them to benefit from and once we analyze the second year we can look and make decisions of what the district would like to do moving forward,” said Dr. Sarah Mwangi, Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services.

The district will be paying out $2.6 million from its employees, and it’s being paid for through ESSER funding.

In June, Dr. Mwangi will be bringing in data points to show how the program is doing and its impact.