JOPLIN, Mo. — Later this summer, Joplin voters will be asked whether they back a property tax to support and grow public safety services in their community.

The Joplin Council recently passed city legislation to place a question on the August 2nd, 2022 ballot asking Joplin citizens if they would approve a property tax designated for municipal public safety services in Joplin.

On the ballot, that question is titled: Proposition Public Safety.

The public safety sector of Joplin is currently faced with a shortage of employees.

The Joplin Police Department has 16 openings, but needs an additional 22 officers over-and-above that to meet nationally recognized law enforcement standards.

The Joplin Fire Department has also experienced shortages in recent years.

“The City is faced with a significant shortage of officers to patrol and enforce the laws within the City.”

Joplin City Manager, Nick Edwards

“We are competing with Police Departments across the country. This is a need that many other communities are also facing. This proposition would address staffing and pay issues that have been identified in independent resource allocation studies for each department. The reports showed needs, not wants, for the City to improve our public safety services. Investments are going to be critical if we are going to grow, and we’re not going to grow Joplin if people don’t want to move here or invest in Joplin with a new business if they don’t feel safe.”

Joplin Mayor, Doug Lawson

Joplin citizens will vote on “Proposition Public Safety” that would levy a property tax of $1 per every $100 of assessed value on all real and personal property.

The funds generated would be designated to improve public safety services in Joplin.

Currently, the City has one of the lowest property tax rates in the state at $0.1746.


Shall the City Council of the City of Joplin, Missouri, be authorized to levy
and impose annually for municipal public safety purposes upon all subjects
and objects of taxation within its corporate limits a tax which shall not
exceed the maximum rate of one dollar on the one hundred dollars assesses

More information about Proposition Public Safety will be posted on the City’s website, which you can find HERE.

Voter registration is open through July 6th, 2022, to be eligible to vote in the August 2nd, 2022 election.

For more information, you can contact the County Clerk’s office in your home county.

Original Story: May 20th, 2022

A copy of the original ballot language for an upcoming Joplin tax question, which stated the money would be used for “municipal purposes.” The language has since changed to say “public safety purposes.”

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin city leaders are already making changes to a tax question on the August ballot.

City workers had filed the measure Thursday, May 19th, asking voters for one dollar increase to property taxes.

That measure said the revenue would be used for, “municipal purposes.”

Apparently, there were some concerns with that wording, prompting a special meeting to retract that wording.

Council members replaced it with a new ballot question asking for the same increase, but this for “public safety purposes.”

Voters will decide the question on August 2nd.