The Joplin Police Department Major Crash Team come together to investigate serious and sometimes fatality crashes. Using their years of experience and classroom skills to analyze and map out a crash scene. Veteran officers, experts in their field together using their collective mind.

This helps determine sometimes fault. Also it can help determine future traffic patterns on a street or through an intersection. Perhaps helping to change speed limits? There are limitless things that a crash report from our team of Joplin Police Department experts might find.

Note, this is not a fatality crash they are investigating from Tuesday. We contacted Capt Nick Jimenez of the Joplin Police Department and he told us there was no change in the motorcyclist condition. Life-saving measures were being performed as the operator left in an ambulance from the crash scene and arrived trauma to the hospital.

Remember from Tuesday a member of the team marked out the street and today they are surveying those marks. They will put them into the computer much like a surveyor does when mapping out land coordinates, very specific.

Capt Jimenez told us we might hear an update on some details regarding Tuesday.’s crash, however it’s undetermined at this time.

2100 – 2300 south Maiden Lane was blocked for the investigation from about 7:30 AM until the road was opened back to traffic shortly after 10:00 AM.

As we mention in all serious crashes we cover, rumors of a patients conditions circulate. However because of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) we rarely have updates on patients after a crash. Look for those updates to come from the Joplin Police Department.