JOPLIN, Mo. – The city of Joplin release details why downtown Main Street was closed Thursday morning.

Main Street from 4th Street to 7th Street will be closed from 7 a.m. to 12 noon on Thursday, Nov. 4 to through traffic. This closure will allow for the City to bring in a crane for maintenance workers to access the roof and flagpoles on top of City Hall.”

They explain that maintenance staff will need to untangle the American flag from it’s spot and restring the pole on which the Missouri State flag can be displayed again.

City workers say that last week during storms is when the flags became entangled. They will now be flying slightly smaller flags so that does not happen again.

ABOUT THE HISTORIC NEWMAN BUILDING … “German immigrant Joseph Newman, who peddled dry goods in Pennsylvania before the Civil War, headed west in 1869 and settled in Pierce City, Missouri where he founded Newman Mercantile Co. The business thrived, and he sent son Sol to open a second store in Monett. By 1898, it was obvious that Joplin was where the real action was, so Newman sent another son, Albert, and son-in-law Gabe Newberger there to open a third store at 517 Main. At first, the business sold only men’s and boys’ shoes and clothing but soon expanded into other merchandise lines. By 1907, Newman Clothing Company desperately needed more room. The entrepreneurs purchased property at the southwest corner of 6th and Main and began making plans to build a grand new house for vending their wares.Before construction began, some old-timers reminisced about the old days in downtown Joplin.” – Missouri Sec. of State Digital Heritage Collection

Winds on top of the 6-story building most usually are more strong than the winds on the ground.

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