JOPLIN, Mo. — Finding forever homes for furry friends is the main goal at the Joplin Humane Society. But achieving that takes a lot of time, money, and supplies.

“Some pets, they’re going to need big wide open space to run around. They’ve got a lot of energy…. Maybe if they’re an older person, they don’t need a high-energy dog. Maybe they need something that’s going to be small, something low energy,” said Thomas Jay, Joplin Humane Soc. Behaviorist.

And it’s up to Behaviorist Thomas Jay to help connect the right pet with the right owner.

“We try and match the perfect pet with the perfect family,” he said.

But adopting the right cat or dog is just one way to help out.

“To foster a pet, it’s really easy,” said Tianna Fisher, Joplin Humane Soc.

Temporarily giving a shelter pet a home, food and supplies provided.

“Anywhere from a couple of days commitment to up to a couple of months depending on what you have available,” said Fisher.

The shelter also need volunteers.

“Everything from walking dogs to socializing cats, helping give baths, laundry, dishes.”

And don’t forget donations – just about any supplies you want to give.

“We can use anything from dog food, cat food, puppy and kitten supplies to cleaning supplies. Anything you would use to clean your house we can use here. We go through a lot of bleach and peroxide so those are big needs,” continued Fisher.

And there’s always the option to donate cash, giving the shelter the flexibility to buy crucial items they need quickly.

“It costs $2,600 just to run the shelter for one day. So every dollar definitely counts,” Fisher said.