JOPLIN, Mo. — The high cost of gas is impacting the way the Joplin Humane Society does business.

The organization frequently uses its van for taking animals to events in the Joplin area as well as to shelters outside the region where they don’t have enough animals for the demand.

Kelly Cruzan is the shelter’s Rescue Coordinator and says it costs a lot of money to fill up their vehicle, but with almost 600 dogs and cats currently at the facility, she says they’ll go where ever they can to find forever homes for their animals.

“Well, we usually go every Friday to Kansas City. We have gone to Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota. We do send dogs to Colorado,” said Cruzan.

In addition to a financial donation to pay for gas, Cruzan says the shelter also needs volunteer drivers who will transport their animals outside the area.

For more information on how to help the shelter, we’ve put a link here.