JOPLIN, Mo. — There could be more state funding for infrastructure projects in Missouri, and Joplin is on the radar.

City officials are working with State Representatives Cody Smith and Lane Roberts to pass one-time funds for public safety and water resource initiatives.

$1,000,000 would help improve the City’s Justice Center, parks, and transportation. $5,000,000 would be earmarked for water resources in support of economic development efforts in Joplin and other parts of Southwest Missouri.

“The more that we’re able to fund those, means there’s less reliance on having to fund, uh, projects through rate increases. Not to say rate increases aren’t needed, but, uh, the money that’s been given by, uh, the state through the budget process will help us address a need, um, that hadn’t been previously planned for,” said Nick Edwards, City Manager, Joplin.

The funding has not yet been approved by Governor Mike Parson.