JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin city leaders heard from members of the community Monday night. It was all part of the Joplin City Council meeting.

Proposition Public Safety was revisited after it failed to pass in the primary two weeks ago.

City Manager Nick Edwards said he turned to the voters to find out why the majority voted against it. He said many expressed concerns — claiming there has been a misuse of existing resources within the city on top of the current status of the economy.

One of Monday night’s community speakers was former City Council Candidate Brian Evans.

“My hope is number one, we fix the problem. The police are our biggest issue, I know they are stretched extremely thin. I think the biggest reason for the proposition’s failure is transparency. The city is, one of the biggest, is the city – the website is horrible, it’s very antiquated,” said Brian Evans, Joplin Resident.

Edwards plans to address citizens’ concerns over transparency by updating and adding to the city’s website — as well as improving communication regarding the budget.