JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s number-crunching time at Joplin City Hall. City leaders are starting to focus on the proposed budget for 2023, and how to make the list of expenses fit into the projected revenue.

The spending plan is currently estimated at $149-million, similar to the total in the current ity budget. But they hope to make some changes like pay raises, as well as deal with the rising cost of doing business.

“Inflation can help our revenue, but it can also hurt us on the expense side. Just like a lot of different businesses. Gas is obviously, gas prices have been volatile – for a city that has a large fleet of trucks and squad cars and heavy equipment, that’s a big expense for us,” said Nick Edwards, Joplin City Manager.

City Council members will go through the budget in a series of work sessions next month. The new budget must be approved by the end of October since it starts on November first.