JOPLIN, Mo. — Big funding is helping a program to help push local entrepreneurs to the next level.

“The business model is is a subscription service that has a pre planned date or night out with your family,” said Jake Jones, FateCrate.

Called FateCrate it focuses on locally owned businesses and products.

Owner Jake Jones is getting a boost from a group called Builders and Backers, $5,000 in funding.

“Built a landing page website just to get some information to see if there’s interest in the community. You know, for something like this and the response was overwhelming to be honest with you. So so that was really encouraging. And I don’t know that we would have actually gone the route of doing that type of experience if it weren’t for the Pebble Grant,” said Jones.

Jones is just one of ten local startups chosen in the Idea Accelerator program hosted by Builders and Backers and a number of other supporters.

“Three out of five Americans have ideas, but 92% of them, never take those ideas and get off the sidelines. So that is really what birth the venture studio capital or I’m sorry, the venture capital studio, known as builders and backers. And so what we’re doing is just trying to come into communities, find these ideas that otherwise would be on the sidelines and give them structure and program and to help them launch those ideas,” said Kyle Smith, Builders & Backers.

In Joplin, that includes a unique take on elder care, a bakery focused on special dietary needs and even a plant based baby formula.

“The most important thing that comes out of builders and backers is that we eliminate failure. Right? We help you really turn failure or what people describe his failure into a data point and help you pivot,” said Smith.

Joplin is one of just 12 cities in the country for the Builders and Backers program.