JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin area tow truck drivers remember one of their own at Flying J. Truck Plaza Sunday night holding a ‘Lights Up Vigil’.

A Springfield tow truck driver, Timothy Williams, 55, was struck and killed during a service call on Highway 65 Friday night north of Springfield.

Williams was a driver for Affordable Towing in Springfield.

Sunday night in Joplin area drivers gathered at Flying J Travel Plaza and then traveled in a lighted convoy 249 north to the east Webb City roundabout and ended in a gathering north of Atwoods on East 1st Street.

It’s not known completely what happened in the Springfield crash but some have brought into question if Missouri’s Move Over Law isn’t being enforced.

There are no charges filed for the 27-year-old driver out of Buffalo who struck and killed Williams. That initial report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol can be viewed by CLICKING here.

“Created in 2002 and expanded in 2012, Missouri law helps provide a safer area for law enforcement, emergency vehicles, and transportation workers as they perform their official duties. Missouri’s Move Over law requires drivers to approach cautiously when an emergency vehicle displaying red or red and blue lights or a vehicle owned by the state highways and transportation commission displaying lighted amber or amber and white lights is stopped along the side of the road. Motorists must change lanes away from the emergency vehicle if they are on a multi-lane highway and can SAFELY do so. If drivers can’t change lanes safely, or they are on a two-lane highway, they must slow down while maintaining a safe speed so as not to impede other traffic. A violation can result in fines and/ or imprisonment.

Missouri State Highway Patrol 2015 Safety Brochure