PINEVILLE, Mo. — McDonald County Sheriff’s Office release details regarding an inmate death while in custody.

“Thursday, January 13, John Cody Carriger was found unresponsive in a cell in the McDonald County Jail,” McDonald County Sheriff Rob Evenson states in a release of information.

“Detectives closed off the cell, treated and processed the area as a crime scene. During the course of the investigation, it was learned that Carriger had been the sole occupant of the cell and there were no signs or evidence of Assault or self-harm.”

Carriger was being held in the jail after being arrested January 6, 2022, during a drug warrant service at a residence, 1738 Allison Road, rural Goodman, Mo. 

Friday, January 14, 2022, an autopsy was conducted and Sheriff Evenson says Carriger had suffered a blood vessel rupture around his intestines. They are still waiting for final autopsy information.

Ozark Funeral Home of Anderson, Mo. posted obituary information for Carriger today.

Sheriff Evenson says an investigative report will be compiled and presented along with the autopsy report to the McDonald County Prosecuting Attorney for review.


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