JOPLIN, Mo. — An area company will soon help get NASA’s Artemis Program off the ground — literally. The Ducommun facility in Joplin has 20 of its 415 employees devoted to working on cables and harnessing for the two solid rocket boosters of the Artemis 1 rocket. Those boosters will provide 75% of all the thrust to get the rocket off the pad and headed into space.

Officials say the side-by-side boosters are similar to those used in the old space shuttle program which was also a Ducommon project.

“We’re very excited here. It was disappointing on Monday. We know it needs to be a good launch, want it to be a safe launch but we’ve got everybody a shirt, we had treats made so we’re really going to celebrate it here in Joplin,” said Derek Martin, Performance Center Director, Ducommun.

The initial launch was supposed to happen on Monday — it’s now scheduled for Saturday morning.

Martin tells us all of the projects the company works on are either for the space program or the Department of Defense.