JOPLIN, Mo. — Groundhogs living on Missouri Southern’s campus have added more little ones to their numbers.

Three years ago, groundhogs were spotted living behind the Mansion Annex on campus. Frank was the original before two more groundhogs showed up and were named “Allen” and “Steve.”

Missouri Southern was able to set up Go-Pro cameras to get a look into the lives of these groundhogs and their future at the University.

“I’m sure some of those groundhogs will qualify for our “MOSO MERIT” scholarship and they’ll be ready to go. Um but yeah, our current students love seeing them around campus. You can actually see them, they run around the field and stuff like that behind our Rec. Center. So if you’re on the treadmill working out you can see them just outside the window,” said Reid Williams, Missouri Southern Interim Director of Marketing.

Nick-names for the new groundhogs are still being discussed with popular choices being “Bill” and “Murray.”