JOPLIN, Mo. — A Four State company with humble beginnings has turned into a great place to work, according to a national publication.

When Matt Johnson and Bart Paden started Midwestern Interactive, it was just the two of them with one goal in mind, providing the best customer service possible.

According to Inc. Magazine they’ve achieved that goal and then some, being named one of the nine best places to work in Missouri.

This business started in one room with just two employees, 10 years later they employ over 90.

“We as a team work really hard to fulfil our mission and our mission is to serve each other and serve our clients and knowing that everyone here is on board with that mission and getting that award tells us that we accomplished that mission,” said Matt Johnson, Midwestern Interactive Co-Founder.

“One of our primary goals as a company is to serve our own staff, cause if we know if we serve them very, very well, they’re gonna do a better job or have better opportunities to serve our clients, so this Inc. Best Places to Work is something that really does kind of put the icing on the cake to an extent that you’ve done what you set out to do,” said Bart Paden, Midwestern Interactive Co-Founder.

The business now has two locations in town, a third in Springfield and is looking to expand into Bentonville.

“We employ a bunch of software engineers and website developers. We have marketing folks, we have content producers, we have project management or agile coaching that we offer. So these are all the services that we offer and we basically provide those staff to other companies to help them accomplish the goals they have,” said Paden.

The same two men also started Midwestern Built, a CrossFit gym in Joplin, which recently expanded into a new facility.

If you’d like to see the entire list of best companies to work for from Inc. Magazine you can follow this link here.