JOPLIN, Mo. — An assessment of development operations have Joplin City Council members focused on improvement.

It was all presented at tonight’s work session.

“Bakertilly” works with municipalities to identify community needs.

A study was done by the company, focusing on all services the city provides to determine areas requiring more attention.

The assessment prioritized the city’s land development services, like the conditions of neighborhoods, as well as permits, inspections, and code enforcement of buildings and homes.

The study stems from a decision made in last year’s budget to survey local contractors and community members to hear what they’d like to see upgraded.

“There was a phenomenal amount of feedback about people being frustrated with the condition of the community, the appearance of the community. Maybe it’s a specific building. This report will help us be proactive in addressing those into the future,” said Nick Edwards, City Manager Of Joplin.

Council members say more time is needed to decide areas of top priorities.

Those concerns will be discussed specifically at a later work session.