JOPLIN, Mo. — The storefront has been ready since late last year and now the team at Missouri Made Marijuana is poised to open this week at 1502 South Rangeline. They will be the first medical cannabis dispensary open in the city of Joplin.

Director of Operations, Chris DeGraff told us that they are hiring their staff of 15-20 and training them to assist patients, “We are all about dispensing quality of life but we also want to be sure that we are educating our patients the best way possible too. It’s not just selling weed to the public. This is a very regulated product.”

Missouri Made Marijuana have a license to sell products in the state of Missouri and also a license to cultivate marijuana and manufacture products. Co-Owner Randy Black Sr. told us that due to COVID and other issues they haven’t gotten their plants in the ground and their growing operation up yet.

So for now they will be purchasing goods to stock from current growers and manufacturers in the state.

“We will go to the growers, the producers and manufacturers so we can fill all these empty shelves,” Black says as he motions around the room filled with nearly empty cases. It looks sort of like a jewelry store but with green ambient lighting. Black continues, “What has happened is that here in Missouri there are not that many growers. It takes a while to get these plants up and going.”

DeGraff adds, “We are really excited to get our own cultivation and production up. It’s taken us years to get to the quality to where we are at right now. So to hit the ground running in a new state with that same quality, we think it’s not only going to give us an edge as a dispensary but it’s going to give our patients the quality that they deserve here.”

He tells us what they plan on having available immediately, “We are looking to open with a good amount of gummy products. Some vaporizer pens and cartridges, some concentrates and some pre-rolled joints.” However flower is something everyone agreed is something that is rare right now and he’s not sure if they will have that in stock.

1502 South Rangeline, Joplin. The former Payless Shoe Source.


“Another thing that we specialize, which has come along with the industry in the last few years is how the patients actually use the products itself. It’s a whole other aspect of dispensaries and with that we want to make sure we are that one stop shop for the patients.”

DeGraff explains further that is part of the education and working with the patients, to find out how they prefer delivery of the cannabis. Some want to eat it, like gummies. Some want a bong (water pipe), and others keep it simple they want some flower and rolling papers to smoke it.

“They can come in here, get their rolling papers, get their water pipes, hand pipes so they can leave here not only having the medicine they need but having the quality piece to use it out of as well.”

Tentatively their hours will be 24-7, with plans to open Friday, April 2. They also recommend if you do not have a medical card call 417-782-9024.

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