DUQUESNE, Mo. (Duenweg Volunteer Fire Dept Jurisdiction) — Continuing education is imperative when it comes to Emergency Services. Getting to know me equipment. Or even getting to know one another and how everyone works together before a real event occurs.   

Monday evening the Duenweg Fire Department is holding a Tanker Training exercise. Crews worked on tanker shuttle and water supply for mutual aid training in the event of a large residential or commercial structure fire. Departments involved in this training include: Joplin, Oronogo, Duenweg, Redings Mill, Carthage, Carterville, Webb City, and Diamond.

Duenweg Chief Howard Reding is a veteran firefighter, retired as a Battalion Chief from the Joplin Fire Department he tells us, “This kind of training is for new drivers, new firefighters, and also it’s a good way to keep camaraderie across departments.”

He also tells us it’s a way for him to make sure that his department is ready to fight fires. Many areas of the Duenweg Fire District don’t have hydrants and they have to rely on tankers to shuttle water to the fire and fill the port-a-tanks.

Recent example would be the 66 Auto fire on east 7th in early May 2021. The pressure in the hydrants nearby was not strong enough to run the pressure through Joplin’s ladder truck. So they relied on tankers to line up at a nearby filling area, and then continually bring water.

There is a lot of math involved. How many gallons are pushing through the hoses. How much does each tanker have on-board. how much is in the port-a-tanks.

Another example would be Joplin Fire Department last week when a tractor-trailer caught fire on I-44 with 48,000 pounds of eggs on board. Fire hydrants don’t line the interstate. So Joplin relied on assistance from neighboring departments, lining up to fill at a designated hydrant or location. Then shuttle the water to the fire and fill the port-a-tank(s).

Thank you to the Duenweg Fire Department for allowing us to watch their exercise this evening.