LAWRENCE COUNTY, Mo. — In 2019 the Missouri Public Service Commission gave approval for the building of two wind farms in Missouri, King’s Point Wind Farm and North Ridge Wind Farm.

The third in Kansas was already in the works in Neosho County, the Neosho Ridge Wind Farm. It is twice as big as either the other two in number.

At the beginning of 2020 Shaen Rooney, Sr. Mgr. Strategic Projects, Liberty Utilities, told FSHP, “We’re investing 1.2 billion dollars. The price tag to build three wind farms.”

The North Fork Ridge wind farm covering Barton Co. and Jasper Co. went online and began commercial operations in December of 2020.

Kings Point covers portions of Barton Co., Jasper Co., Dade Co. and Lawrence Co.

“The final turbine at our Kings Point wind farm was topped off this week! 277 total turbines mark the end of major construction at all 3 sites.”

Initially the estimate is the wind turbines will create 600 megawatts of electricity.

“Kings Point & Neosho Ridge will begin commercial operations this spring.”