CARTERVILLE, Mo. — Shortly after 9:00 AM Jasper County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team began assembling in Carterville to assist the Carterville Police Department who were serving a search warrant(s).

Messages to our tipline let us know they saw the Jasper County SWAT truck aka ‘bread truck’ and other police vehicles rolling into town, which is not normal.

Carterville Police Chief Worley tells us this is a fresh Felony Investigation and it was a warrant service electronics. He couldn’t tell us an exact number of individuals involved or arrested. However some were taken into custody on unrelated outstanding warrants.

Jasper County assisted us due to the volume of possible suspects. We secured one juvenile from the home and then we also secured four adults, some which also had felony warrants. We’ve secured the home. The investigation that we are working should not pose any concern to [neighbors] at this time.

Chief Wroley, Carterville Police Department

The SWAT operation was focused on Cedar Street and about 9:30 AM authorities began a ‘contain and call-out’. Over the bullhorn you could hear loudly authorities give instructions to those inside to come out with their hands up. (continuted after photos)

Over the course of the next 30 minutes a few people exited a residence with their hands up.

Toward the end SWAT members approached the home and a flash bang was used to enter the residence and a number of people were then led out in handcuffs one by one with officers escorting.

Chief Worley tells us it’s too early in the investigation to release names in this Felony Investigation. However he believes they have the information necessary to present charges to the prosecutor on individual(s).

More information will be released as the investigation continues. Watch for updates on FSHP and here on our Joplin News First tab. Set a bookmark but clicking here, then bookmark.