UPDATE: Tatum has been located and is safe.

Joplin Police Department, FB page an update around 6:00 AM.


ORIGINAL STORY: JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin News First friends contacted us late Saturday evening regarding a missing young man. We confirmed with Sgt. Clay Collard of the Joplin Police Department they have entered the young man as a missing person in Joplin.

We talked with mother, Jill. She said they have about fourty people helping now, family and friends who have come from as far as Springfield.

“The Joplin Police Department is asking for public assistance in locating Keaton Tatum, a 23-year old male. Tatum was last seen wearing a red shirt, charcoal-gray sweats, and red shoes. He may have also been wearing a red baseball cap. He was possibly in the area of 15th St Walmart this evening. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Joplin PD at 417-623-3131.”

Joplin Police Facebook page

The Joplin Police Department confirm on their facebook page details as well. If you are outside Joplin and you might have seen Keaton near your area contact your local law enforcement with details. Keaton does not drive. He does not have a drivers license. But he could have gotten a ride.


Mother’s FB post around 9:30 PM Saturday.
  • Small for his age. “He is 23, looks like he is 14.” Mom (Jill) tells us.
  • He weighs less than 100 lbs (85 lbs).
  • He lives at home. He walks for transportation.
  • He would not seem to have special needs to some. He can carry on a conversation.
  • Does not drive, does not have a drivers license.
  • Being gone from home this long is out of the ordinary for Keaton.
  • Keaton has a phone but it is currently not working.
  • “Keaton has no behavioral issues but he is mentally delayed.” – radio report

“Friends. I have a great need and could use any help. Boots on the ground. Searching for our special needs son, Keaton. He was last seen at 5:00 pm at home and made a small purchase at 6ish at Walmart 15th. We have no idea where he is. Prayers are also appreciated.

He is wearing a black coat, grey sweats, possibly a red ball cap and an A State t shirt. 5’2 about 85 lbs.”

Mom (Jill)
Joplin Police Department FB post.