JOPLIN, Mo. — The widow of a fallen Joplin Police Department officer has taken to social media to advocate for those defending the citizens of Joplin.

Nearly four months after the horrific shooting that claimed the lives of two JPD officers, and severely injured another, Roxy Cooper has recounted the details that led up to her late husband’s death with pleas for others to vote “Yes” on Proposition Public Safety.

“On the morning of March 8th, 2022. Coop got ready for work, gave me three kisses, told me he loved me, and that he would call me later. Then, he went to work.

He called me around 9 a.m. and told me he felt bad asking guys to cover shifts when he could see on their faces they were already so tired. But being short-handed, this had become a regular thing. The guys never failed him, although tired and just worn out, they covered.

After he called me, we talked a bit. He said he was going on a call and that he would call me back.

Then Sergeant Izman was at my door telling me Coop had been shot.

Ashley is our youngest daughter; she has Down Syndrome. She loves her daddy and he loved her with every cell in his body. They were very close.

The next morning after Coop’s death, I found Ash sitting on the steps of our front porch in her nightgown, waiting on her daddy. She knew he hadn’t come home the night before.

After the autopsy, and Dan at Mason Woodard Mortuary had fixed his body, Ash and I got to see him. She went up to his casket and touched him. I helped her kiss his head, and then she just lay on the couch across from his casket staring at her daddy’s body.

I couldn’t get her to leave him that night. She just didn’t want to leave. I believe that’s when she realized her daddy was gone forever.

I am sad. I am lost. I am broken, but I am also proud. I am proud of Captain William Davis and Captain Trevor Duncan who, with no thought of their own safety, engaged with the killer; Davis taking him out.

I’m proud of Officer Rick Hirshey, knowing the criminal was armed and dangerous, used his vehicle to barricade the criminal from leaving, and was severely injured in doing so.

I am proud of Officer Lacy Baxter for leaving cover to aid Officer Hirshey.

I am proud of the men and women still here serving the community.

I am proud of Cpl. Ben Cooper and Officer Jake Reed.

The criminals are reading our pleas of help, same as you. The world is getting meaner. The crime in Joplin is getting worse. Please help the brave men and women that serve this community. Please help them rebuild the Joplin Police Department.

Please help them keep your sons, your daughters, you, and your loved ones safe.

Coop and Jake gave their lives protecting the community. The love and support shown was amazing. Please don’t let that support go away. Please vote ‘Yes’ on Proposition Public Safety Tuesday, August 2nd.

Please help what is left of our family.

John 15:13

Matthew 5:9

Isaiah 6:8″

Proposition Public Safety will appear on the ballot for the 2022 Primary Election Tuesday, August 2nd.