UPDATE: The Joplin Police Department release the name of the deceased individual, Neal Fiscus, 60. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

JOPLIN, Mo. — 4:15 PM Tuesday Joplin Emergency Dispatch were alerted to reports of a structure fire in the East Town Neighborhood, 200 block of south Galena Ave.

Joplin Fire Department, Joplin Police Department and METS ambulance were immediately responded to 223 South Galena Ave.

“We have heavy fire involvement on the alpha [south] side of the structure, we will be out to make an attack. We have a working fire,” Galena Command stated on the radio and immediately requested a second alarm bringing more apparatus and personnel to the scene.

Joplin Fire Department knocked the flames down quickly and were able to enter the structure within minutes of arrival to do a search.

“First crews entered the structure and did find a victim, already deceased,” Chief Furgerson of the Joplin Fire Department tells us.

The Joplin Fire Marshal is currently conducting an investigation into the cause of the fire.

Shortly after 5:00 PM Joplin Police stretched yellow crime scene tape across Galena Ave and East 2nd Street to secure the crime scene.

Capt William Davis of the Joplin Police Department tells us this is a Death Investigation as part of a Fire Investigation. “Detectives just cleared the scene and autopsy is scheduled for Friday morning,” he told us just after 7:30 PM.

The name of the deceased male located inside the residence is not being released at this time.

Additionally Animal Control responded to the scene and removed an unknown number of deceased animals.

223 South Galena Ave is the NE corner of South Galena Ave and East 2nd Street. See Google Map below.

We anticipate more information to be released from both agencies on Wednesday. We will update the article right here on our news tab at Four States Home Page. Click here to then save it as a Bookmark on your phone or an Icon to your Home Screen Desktop. (Additional photos and video courtesy Joplin News First Moderator Ashley Reeves)