JOPLIN, Mo. — A young man from Pittsburg came to the Mercy Cancer Center this afternoon for a special delivery.

17 year-old Kenneth Fontaine is a Life Scout who put together 60 care bags for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. The bags included inspirational quotes, snacks, lotion, chap-stick, socks, and puzzles. His goal is to bring comfort and something to do for patients as they sit for treatment.

“Some people are there for eight hours a day, you know, and you don’t have much to do,” said Kenneth.

“I think just the little simple things of someone caring and doing that for them is a big help. And just knowing that they have people here or outside of here, obviously, that care what they’re going through,” said Pam Gum, Registered Nurce at Mercy Oncology Clinic.

Fontaine hopes the care bags will “lighten the moods” of the patients receiving treatment.