JOPLIN, Mo. — Yet another Joplin company will help Artemis I get off the ground. Eight different types of batteries from Eagle Picher will be on board the spacecraft, providing power at crucial times during the mission.

Jackie Kennedy is the Senior Program Director and says the company has batteries on almost every component of Artemis I. That includes the solid rocket boosters, the rocket itself, and the vehicle that will fly around the moon and return to earth.

“Two are actually on the booster and two are actually on the rocket and they’re flight termination system batteries and then we also have the four main batteries on the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle,” said Jackie Kennedy, Senior Program Director, Eagle Picher Industries.

The Joplin company has been involved in the U.S. Space Program since it’s beginning in the 1950’s and has provided power to projects Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and the Space Shuttle as well as almost every U.S. satellite.

As we told you Wednesday, Eagle Picher joins fellow Joplin company, Ducommun, in helping the Artemis I with its mission.