JOPLIN, Mo. — A cookout and proclamation helped people in Joplin celebrate an important step in recovery for many people. This month is National Drug Court Month, and is to raise awareness of the importance of drug courts here in Joplin and around the nation.

The event Thursday night was held at The Rocc on south Main in Joplin. A proclamation was read by Joplin Mayor Pro Tem Keenan Cortez to show how the City of Joplin supports these programs that help addicts.

“It’s necessary for these programs to be a part of the criminal justice system. Without it, there would be a void. We make a positive impact, very big impact, on these people that go through our programs. Our success rate is high and I’m very proud of it,” said Jared Prater, Treatment Court Administrator.

Prater says on average, they have 100 people a day participating in the programs.

Those programs are DWI Court, Veterans Court, Recovery Court, and Co-Occurring Disorders Court which deals with mental health and substance abuse.