JOPLIN, Mo. — It has been a part of downtown Joplin History for a long time, and it’s getting a makeover.

Preliminary demolition is underway inside the former “Downtown Joplin Family Y” at 5th and Wall.

“Blue Haven Investments” is planning a $5,000,000 renovation project to repurpose the building into apartments.

Workers say they’re starting off with a targeted demo designed to give them a better idea of the shape of the building is in.

“Just like we experienced with our Olivia Building, once we got started with the demo, things moved forward really fast. And it’s really fun to see some of the historical sides of the building. You know when they renovated it in the 80s they covered up a lot of stuff. So it’ll be fun to expose a lot of those original architecture designs again,” said Sawyer Smith, Blue Haven Investments.

The project is also in the running for state historic tax credits, which they hope will be awarded in January.

If approved, the renovations could be finished by the fall of 2024.