AUG 3, 2021 ELECTION RESULTS: CITY OF JOPLIN PARKS AND STORMWATER SALES TAX RENEWAL PASSES: 1,948 YES vs 503 NO. This tax will fund stormwater projects in the 10-year plan as well as park projects over the next decade. Including the following story regarding the Dover Outdoor Rec. Bicycle Park.

JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s a portion of citizens that feel they aren’t served Joplin Parks. Bicycle enthusiasts are that group that rose to the top of the 10-year Joplin Parks Plan as being underserved. Park of the Joplin Parks and Stormwater Tax Renewal budget is to create the Dover Outdoor Rec. Bicycle Park.

Cole Beckham is the founder of Ozark MTB a large social media group that continually share ideas and also they meet up in Joplin to travel together and bike in Northwest Arkansas and even to the High Ground Bike Trail in Neosho. He says they have to travel because Joplin has nothing.

Beckham, 29, married with a little boy, recently talked about what he feels Joplin is missing. “We have a lot of reasons to stay here, family and business but I always wanted to raise my kid in an area where I can take him to a little bicycle playground and teach him how to ride on a pump track or something like that, even Neosho has that stuff now and we don’t.

He feels the reason why Northwest Arkansas invested so much money into that active biking lifestyle and arts to drive younger, talented people to have a reason to move to NWARK. Otherwise he says they would have moved to Colorado or other places where there is fun family stuff to do where you can stay active.

Beckham says, “we want to do that here.”

More than half the people I meet in NWARK are from Springfield or Kansas City or Tulsa and they are traveling there because that is the closest mountain biking place to ride. If [Joplin] built something legit like the trail system we are talking about, the asphalt pump track or the kids area, and it’s awesome? They’ll keep coming back.”

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