JOPLIN, Mo. — A special course to help prepare individuals how to effectively respond to disasters involving children was held today at Freeman Health System.

The course prepares pediatric physicians, emergency managers and planners, members of public emergency departments like ems, fire, police, public health and hospitals in field of disaster response plan and how respond to a disaster event.

Planning considerations include mass sheltering, pediatric-triage, reunification planning and pediatric decontamination.

“The goal of the class is actually to kind of get people to think about kids and integrate them into their plan now and be proactive as opposed to reactive, winging it isn’t a plan. It’s not the way that we want to do things. So if we can take lessons learned from disasters from around the country and present that material to a group like we have here in Joplin today. If we can actually show them what some of those lessons learned from other anticipated problems that puts them ahead of the curve,” said Glenn Miller, Agency training manager for EMS public health program at Texas A&M Extension Service.

“We’ve got people from multiple countries around the area, EMS, fire, law enforcement and this is a second phase where pediatric training for the region. We’re preparing the coalition’s to be able to respond to a major incident involving pediatrics,” said Skip Harper, Freeman.

The course is a national program that is represented in all 50 states and territories.