JOPLIN, Mo. — World Record Food Challenge Eater Randy Santel came to Joplin on May 5 to eat the 6 LB burrito in 10 minutes at El Taco Loco on West 7th!

◽️ El Taco Loco, West 7th in Joplin, aka Historic Route 66
(64801) — He’s going to attempt to eat this Joplin food challenge. If he wins? He gets a t-shirt, they name the burrito challenge after him and a notch on his belt… this could be win #724

Randy Santel might not be a name people from Joplin know but millions around the world know his name.  He’s appeared in television shows.  Stars on his own YOU TUBE CHANNEL followed by MILLIONS of people that has new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

He owns the domain and is the expert in field of eating mass quantities and holds numerous world records.  

In 2010 he won a Men’s Health magazine contest going through an ultimate body transformation, losing 100 lbs and earning a spot as an extra in the STARZ® tv show, Sparticus, starring Lucy Lawless.  

“Right now we are over 700 wins.  the goal will be to get up to 1,000 wins in 50 states and 50 countries.” Randy Santel on Food Challenges

He came to Joplin to face the El Taco Loco ‘6 lb burrioto loco challenge’.  One must eat the burrito in 10 minutes or less.  It is a $35.99 burrito if you can’t finish it.  

Did he do it?  Joplin News First was there and filmed it all behind the scenes.  CLICK here to see Randy take on the 6 LB burrito in our FB video.  Or scroll below to see it if you don’t have FB.  

As we spent time talking, our conversation took a turn to the future. Randy tells us, “I’ll graduate [college] in two weeks with a degree in dietetics. After 12 hours of an internship I’ll be able to become a registered dietitian.”