JOPLIN, Mo. — The Missouri Move Over Law is being brought into question since last weekend the death of a tow truck diver north of Springfield.

Timothy Williams, driver for Affordable Towing Springfield, was struck and killed Friday evening, February 7, on Hwy 65. Williams was on a service call and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Crash scene that killed tow truck driver, Timothy Williams on Hwy 65 north of Springfield on February 7.

Saturday, today, at noon in Springfield is his memorial service.

Joplin Tow Truck Drivers held a vigil last Sunday evening. And today the will convoy to Springfield for Williams service.

Even this week a Missouri State Highway Patrol vehicle was struck.

At 11:23 p.m., on February 12, a Trooper that was assisting a motorist was struck by a tractor trailer on NB I-35 at the 100 mile marker. Trooper was not injured. The tractor trailer involved, left the scene. Any information regarding this crash, please contact Troop H Headquarters at (816) 387-2345.

Kansas City Tow Truck drivers will arrive in a convoy at 10:00 AM and join Joplin drivers and all convoy.

Steve Tandy, a longtime Joplin area driver tells us, “As with all companies that have to place themselves in danger on the roadways to assist others we are all thankful for the move over and/or slow down law. The size of the problem was not considered. The move over law is unenforceable. There are not enough law enforcement officers to help tow operators and service personnel on the roads.”

January 10 a DWI driver caused a crash in the early morning hours on north 249 near Carterville. As seen in our tweet a tow truck driver, Trooper Powell, Shannon Becker and a Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputy all faced a close call as a driver yielded at the last moment.

Last Sunday evening