Controlled burn on the WAH-SHA-SHE Prairie near Asbury, Mo. in NW Jasper County

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JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Thursday morning about 11:00 a.m. Missouri Dept of Conservation performed a prescribed burn near CR300 and Baseline Blvd in NW Jasper County. 

The WAH-SHA-SHE-PRAIRIE is owned by the nature conservancy and managed by the Missouri Conservation Dept. 

On scene agents tell us they will burn 71 acres of the 160 acre tract.

Wa-Sha-She Prairie was purchased by The Nature Conservancy in 1973 with funds from Miss Katherine Ordway. The area is managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. The area is named after one of the subdivisions of the Hunkah, the Water People. This area is a nearly level upland prairie over claypan soils and contains high plant diversity in the Osage Plains Natural Division. Wildflowers are abundant and showy during late spring throughout mid summer. Many prairie obligate species of birds and insects may also be observed on this prairie. All hunting, fishing and trapping is prohibited.” — MDC

Some asked during our live! video, what about wildlife? Conservation agents on the scene tell us the deer were chased away before the fire, there were about 12-15 on the western edge.

It’s a flat, treeless prairie of 160 acres. Other small animals have a chance to burrow into their holes or run out of the burn zone.

Reptiles like turtles and snakes are hibernating, burrowed below the ground enough to be safe.

Controlled burns are a part of germinating new growth and clearing out dead undergrowth that could start out-of-control wildfires if not burned off.

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