JOPLIN, Mo. — With the school year already over for college and many high school students, some may want to celebrate with alcohol.

A compliance check seminar was held Wednesday to teach businesses that sell alcohol how to spot fake id’s and other ways minors try to get alcohol. Employees with several establishments that sell alcohol sent employees voluntarily to the training event which was held at the Joplin Public Library.

Chris Davis is with the Community Partnership of the Ozarks and is training workers to prevent minors and others who shouldn’t have access to alcohol from getting it. He says this kind of training can be the difference between life and death.

“Alcohol kills five times more youth than all other drugs combined, it’s the number one drug problem we have for youth so we’re here to help retailers make sure they’re not unintentionally or intentionally providing alcohol to minors,” said Davis.

The training comes at an important time for retailers because the Joplin Police Department will be conducting compliance checks in the near future.