JOPLIN, Mo. — The ribbon is cut on a commitment to the Joplin area worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wednesday marks the grand opening of the Community Support Services Jackson Center. The facility will house the organization’s “Adult Day Program” and “Behavioral Fitness” — or B-Fit program.

Clients using Community Support Services must have a developmental disability diagnosis to be referred to the program.

The building is in the spot of Joplin’s former Senior Center — and can serve 100 people at any given time.

“Our behavioral programs and our adult day program services have expanded tremendously over the last five years. And, as we’re moving out of COVID, and we’re having more referrals and that type of thing, we needed larger facilities,” said Jhan Hurn, President & CEO Community Support Services.

“We have a really great, close working relationship with the Joplin Police Department, and the feedback from them is that it’s been incredibly vital, because those calls that they would have potentially had to go on, go to us now, and those resources can be sourced out to places that are much more important for them to be dealing with, for sure,” said Jeannie Brown, CSS Behavioral Director.

The $350-$400,000 facility renovation was paid for through Community Support Services and the Developmental Disabilities Board of Jasper County.