JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin residents will get the chance to vote on a plan to help police officers and firefighters.

Monday night, Joplin City Council approved an emergency ordinance to add “Proposition Public Safety” to the August 2nd election.

It would be a general property tax at a rate of one dollar per $100 of assessed valuation. All the money would go towards funding a plan to attract and retain public safety personnel.

The plan would add 22 police officers, three support staff, and increase officer pay by $10,000.

For the fire department, the money would add 15 additional staff for the new fire station and give firefighters and EMTs a $10,000 increase.

“Our hope is that this plan will create a diffinitive turning point for our agency. For years, commmunities throughout the country have been dealing with fewer and fewer qualified law enforcement applicants and more and more law enforcement vacancies,” said Tom Bowin, JPD Fraternal Order of Police.

“We lost close to 100 firefighters,” said Jeremie Humphrey, President of the IAFF. “The mental stress these men and women are taking home to their families. They are having to make those decisions to leave the job they love to take care of their family.”

Council members approved to put it into the hands of voters by a vote of 8 to one.

If passed, it’s expected to generate $9,000,000.

You can see more information about the proposal here.